Collage - angelawiser
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Balloon Ice Passage 008 / 365

It was too warm to continue playing with bubbles today, although we did try. Instead, we used a balloon and colored the water. We set it outside overnight, but it did not freeze. We stuck it in the freezer this morning and continued about our day. This afternoon we removed the balloon and took some pictures, but I wasn’t very pleased with them. I thought the temperature would drop more this evening and I could try the bubbles again and I’d experiment with the balloon so I put it back in the freezer. When the night rolled around Kevin pulled the balloon out of the freezer and said that the balloon didn’t survive. It had melted from when I had photographed it earlier and it broke in two. I thought it looked cool so we took it outside and shined an LED light through it and I used my macro lens to take pictures of the inside where it had cracked. To me it looks like a path through an ice castle. The temperature is still not cold enough to continue with the bubbles, but I am pleased with today’s image even if it is a bit abstract.